TLP MenuPro with vSignature

Connecting your F&I Office to your customer


TLP MenuPro is a tool that enables your F&I Manager to present a fully customizable and simple to use menu. Present, sell, and e-contract F&I products in a profit-focused, efficient way.

  • Variety of Menu Types – Makes the buying process easier.
  • Infinite Menu Templates – Minimizes keystrokes and gives you fast access to a menu based on the variety of customer needs.
  • Simplicity of Design – One screen allows you to import, create, or change all aspects of the menu including creating menus, E-ratings, bi-weekly payment requests, and printing the menu and disclosure.
  • Features Include – Lender cap function, cash conversion menu, free OFAC check, and many others.


vSignature gives your customers the ability to eSign the Menu, Disclosure and Product Provider contracts. Remote F&I technology makes it possible for your customers to sign while sitting in your Finance office or in the privacy of their own home. Your Finance Manager may disclose any form on your customer’s mobile or smartphone device allowing them to view and eSign the forms. All your customer needs is a wireless connection to sign a form that is as legal as a wet signature.

  • Your F&I Manager controls the presentation from their desktop while your customer views on any mobile device.
  • Remote F&I uses vSignature to eSign the menu, disclosure, product form, or any laser form.
  • Your F&I Manager may display brochures, or sales tools with a click of their mouse.
  • No hassle login for your customer. They simply click on a link without creating an account or password.
  • Build your own F&I presentation complete with visuals, videos, and graphic illustrations.

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Menu Pro is an Add-On Service