Lead Manager

Log and Manage your Leads with TLP’s Easy-to-Use Lead Manager

If a sales rep finds their lead management software difficult to use, they simply won’t use it. Without critical customer data such as email addresses and phone numbers, the opportunity to market to these customers is lost after the immediate lead inquiry.

We hear it from sales reps and managers all the time. TLP is the easiest to use dealership lead manager in the industry.

Sales reps love us for:

  • The Customer Log with its straightforward design for fast, simple lead entry.
  • The ability to send customer texts with KENECT® and emails directly from the customer log.
  • The convenience of being able to work leads anytime, anywhere, from any device with TLP Mobile.
  • Convenient access to the NPA Value Guide’s™ current pre-owned market prices, available in TLP.
  • Automated text reminders of upcoming appointments.

Sales managers love TLP for:

  • Automated Reporting, delivered directly to the inbox.
  • Super Search functionality for locating specific customers within TLP’s customer logs.
  • Complete text and email history that stays in TLP – not personal mobile devices.
  • Text and Email Notifications alerting sales reps of new lead activity, including service and parts requests.
  • Auto-Planner Scheduling that automatically sets appointments when leads are logged.
  • Planner Appointment Notifications that alert sales reps via email or SMS when a planner appointment is due.