Lead Manager

Log and Manage your Leads with TLP’s Easy-to-Use Lead Manager

You depend on digital marketing sources such as your website and classified listing sites to drive more leads to your dealership. Management of those leads is critical to your business’ success. Traffic Log Pro’s easy-to-use lead management offerings help you efficiently manage your sales team and create customers for life with features such as:

  • TLP Mobile
    Manage your leads anytime, anywhere, from any device!
  • Simple Dashboard
    Quickly and effortlessly log valuable customer information.
  • Auto-Planner Scheduling
    Increase efficiency and unify your sales process by setting up follow-ups. TLP automatically sets the appointments when a lead is logged.
  • Automated Reporting
    Delivered directly to your inbox.
  • NPA Value Guide™
    Provide your sales team with current pre-owned market prices within Traffic Log Pro.
  • Event Lead Manager
    Quickly gather valuable leads at dealership events from any web-based tablet or iPad.
  • TouchPoint Automated Marketing
    Nurture new leads into sales and into lifetime customers.
  • SMS Text Messaging
    Promote sales and events to customers on the go – both one-to-one AND one-to-many is supported!
  • Seamless Integration with Call Center
    Gives you customer-generated, unbiased feedback on your dealership’s performance, with no additional work by you.

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