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Data Mining

What is your current lead management process?

What are you currently using now to manage your lead opportunities? If you answer this question with “nothing”, you are missing a large amount of opportunities and it is effecting your dealerships units sold and ultimately your revenue.

What if you answered this question, “we use paper logs”, paper logs are a great start to accountability from your staff however data mining the information and calculating metrics to coach your staff is a full time job and missed opportunities are the norm.

The power of data mining with your TLP CRM

Data mining is a way of immediately creating a sales lift in your dealership within the first 60 days in all departments by using TLP. Since every bit of information entered by your departments can be searched with our powerful “Super Search” tool, you can create different defined hot lists for departments to call on slow days. Great way to become not so dependent on the front door!! No more display and pray!!

Many dealership use this robust “super search” tool to clear aging units or aging parts and accessories from their inventory. A great use of the data mining is to pin point customers looking for certain units and slow selling units. Dealerships using TLP data mine a prospective buyer before they say yes to certain trades.

With a click of a mouse you can data mine real time, daily, weekly and monthly reports to better manage your staffs efforts to meet goals. No more hand tallying and having stacks of papers with valuable info not being utilized. Get your valuable time back to spend with your family!!

Customer follow up is a huge way to create sales. Data mining daily customer follow up can be done with two clicks of a mouse with TLP. The best part is you or your sales manager can track the process and force the follow up to be done to give your dealership every opportunity a customer is taken to a conclusion within 24 hours of a visit.

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Power of Data Mining with your TLP CRM

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