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Traffic Log Pro Call Center is a division of Traffic Log Pro that provides customer-generated, unbiased feedback on how your dealership is performing where it really counts….in the mind of your customer! Information is delivered in real time, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer. In less time than it takes to address that postcard, you can discover the vital information you need to close that sale, remedy a botched repair, or ensure a perfect score on your OEM survey. Traffic Log Pro Call Center will provide the information you need to provide better quality and increase sales!

With the highest contact ratio in the nation, Traffic Log Pro Call Center is the most effective sales tool in today’s market. Utilizing scripts and surveys designed with owner input, the bilingual Call Center staff tactfully probes for reliable third-party truth your staff simply does not have time to gather. We deliver a realistic account of the reason that customer walked away with the exact information you need to close that sale. Traffic Log Pro Call Center becomes your quality control manager, disclosing any potential problems, holding your staff accountable for practicing the processes and procedures of your personal business philosophy. All of this remains just a keystroke away. Open 6 days a week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST, Traffic Log Pro Call Center covers every time zone.

Services We Provide

Pre-Purchase Sales Follow-up is within 24 hours of the customer’s visit. The thorough and professional Call Center staff will discover what it will really take to have that customer contribute to your bottom line, when they plan on coming back in and more!

CSI-14 Day Follow-up discovers any 14 day post purchase problems along with any additional needs the customers may have. The Call Center staff will also let you know if the customer plans to utilize your service department for their future needs. This is a great tool to estimate how your sales staff will score on the OEM survey!

Service Completes is conducted 7 days after service is completed. Call Center representatives relay the details of the customer’s experience including questions about timeliness, if the service advisor went over the bike before the work was performed and more in depth questions for you to ensure your service staff is doing quality work. We can take the time to make the calls your service staff usually does not have time for. Potential issues are brought to your attention before the customer walks back in your doors so that you can receive a realistic view of where improvements can be made.

CSI-17 Month Follow-up is performed 17 months post-purchase. Information gathered will bring to light any areas for improvement. You and your staff will be provided the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, new leads are generated.

Discover what the inside track feels like and just how hard you’ve been working without Traffic Log Pro Call Center on your team.

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