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Are you delivering an experience that boosts sales and increases customer loyalty?
If customers are walking out your front door without the receipt for a new vehicle, do you ask, “What could we have said or done differently?”

Though critical for the health of your business, obtaining customer insight is often easier said than done.

  • Feedback obtained by dealership employees can be biased.
  • Staff may not have time to follow-up.
  • Staffing a business development center is expensive.

Affordable feedback at the fraction of the cost
Call Center, a division of Traffic Log Pro, provides unbiased customer feedback on the performance of your dealership. Utilizing scripts and surveys designed with dealer input, our bilingual Call Center staff tactfully probes for reliable third-party truth.

In less time than it takes to address a postcard, you can discover the vital information you need to close a sale, remedy an issue, or ensure a perfect score on your OEM survey.

4 Call types to support your needs
Whether you’re looking to improve your closed sales ratio, increase post-sales and service customer satisfaction, or overall dealership performance, Call Center obtains the pertinent feedback to help you achieve your goals.

  • Pre-Purchase Next Day Follow-up Calls
    Within 24 hours of a dealership visit, TLP’s bilingual Call Center representatives contact your customers, obtaining detailed information to help you close the sale.
  • Post-Purchase 14 Day and 17 Month Calls
    We’ll discover any post-purchase problems along with any additional needs your customers may have.
  • Service Complete Calls
    Conducted 7 days after service completion, Call Center representatives relay in-depth details of the customers’ experiences, bringing to light any area where improvements can be made.
  • Win Back Service Calls
    We’ll help you re-engage with customers who haven’t purchased or received service from you in a while.

Choose from our standard call scripts or have us create custom scripts for your dealership. We can help you obtain the feedback that puts you on the road to increased sales and lifetime customers.
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