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TLP Benefits

Just a few benefits of implementing Traffic Log Pro

Provide immediate insight into prospect and customer leads originating from any lead source.

Provide deep visibility into the sales pipeline and opportunity details which quickly produce accurate sales forecasts.

Allow for a consistent, informed, and personalized customer communication approach i.e. automated emails relevant to the specific customers.

Give sales people and everyone in your business access to a consolidated view of the customer across your dealership - this will allow everyone in the dealership to know how they can help play their part in taking control of every opportunity and managing it to a successful conclusion.

Encourage, enforce and track best-practice sales process you want in your sales teams i.e. tracking of Lead activities such as, # of 24 hour outbound calls made, # of appointments show and sold; # of inbound calls received, showed and sold # of sales made by dealership and staff: # sales made from be- backs, # of sales made with new clients, # of web leads that showed and sold.

Monitor and map effectiveness of have automated sales and marketing activities that are specific to the customers and markets streamline and automate those customer activities that can go online i.e. confirmation emails, automatic emails sent out at periodic intervals for things like service and P&A specials.

Have the ability to integrate with your website and keep track of web activity.

Support your entire frontline sales team with the right information they need to quickly and efficiently fulfill all of their daily requirements.

Keeps vital customer data in the business whether the sales person stays or leaves thus creating a valuable company asset.

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